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true to you: authentic personal branding


In a world full of overly branded and phony personalities, authenticity stands out...and rightfully so.

You've probably read "many-a-blogs" that encourage you to be yourself and bring your full self to the workplace, to campus, etc. But in practice, it can be difficult as we've been programmed to shape-shift for different audiences and environments, in addition to the plain ol' natural human desire to fit in.

Showing up just as you are takes day-by-day intentional actions and the "sometimes not easy" choice to act on your internal truths one situation at a time. Those decisions then add up to the clear radiance of the "you" that actually aligns to your truest self — and the "you" that shows up in the world, also known as your personal brand.

This guide + audiobook walks you through further identifying your personal truths and discovering ways to implement your findings in your day-to-day journey and long-term goals in all aspects of your life. So here, let’s figure out some of your core truths and how you wish to show up in the world.

By starting there, you’ll get more and more comfortable exuding that no matter what situation you find yourself in. Oh and yeah…the branding will naturally reflect that. Exuding the authentic you first, connecting that to your personal brand…second. Because a perfectly branded false self is soooo 2016.

See here for the interactive guide + audiobook!