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individual breathwork session

individual breathwork session

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“If we are not breathing at full capacity, we are not operating at full capacity.”

Breathwork is a powerful active meditational tool used to facilitate the removal of any energy or gunk that may be stuck in our physical, spiritual or emotional bodies. Scientifically, the more oxygen that we allow into our bodies, the more we can reframe our nervous system and its response to past events and occurrences in our daily lives; thereby relieving stress, anxiety, and depressive bouts and making more space for creativity, a feeling of groundedness, and room for our true selves to flourish.

This tool is perfect if:

- you are seeking practical ways to incorporate more calm into your day

- you wish to move past limiting beliefs and fears and operate from a place of self-trust and abundance

- you want a practical tool to help facilitate the release of trauma from your body

- you want to become more self-aware of your own energy and strengthen your energetic boundaries.

In the beginning of the session, we will do an intuitive energy intake and set intentions on where you’ll focus your breathing before being led into the active breath.

Sessions are virtual unless you are located in the Atlanta-area. Atlanta — you can now book sessions in person at my practice space in the Grant Park Cafe of Life Center.

If you have any questions prior to booking, please contact me at

Please note: all sessions can be rescheduled but are non-refundable. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find availability on my calendar and proceed to checkout via my website.

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