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black girls breathing™ May virtual breathwork circle: walking through grief and hard times

black girls breathing™ May virtual breathwork circle: walking through grief and hard times


PLEASE READ: This is an online breathwork session occurring in the comfort of your home. By purchasing, you acknowledge your understanding of that. Any sign-ups after Sunday, May 19th at 4pm will be sent the recording and guidebook. You will receive the link for the session after registration ends at 4pm Sunday, May 19th — all the information needed will be sent then. Please no emails the day of or prior with questions pertaining to the info above.

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, join as us black womxn from anywhere commune to use the power of breathwork to deepen our inhales, release stagnant energy, stress and anxiety and make space for our expansion.

Gather with us on Sunday, May 19th 6pm-7:30pm EST in the comfort of your home for a restorative evening with our sisterhood. Recordings sent after session-end for those unable to make it live.

Being spirit-filled does not mean your life will be void of experiencing natural ups and downs.

This month we’ll be focusing on how to hold self-compassion, flexibility and love close when navigating grief and hard times.

Whether walking through a death, the ending of a relationship, feeling foggy and lost in this current chapter in your life, etc. these complex emotions can leave us feeling emotionally raw, exposed and vulnerable.

We’ll use active breathwork meditation as a tool and companion as we allow ourselves to walk through these difficult emotions and use the breath to shift these emotions out of our body as that’s where trauma lives.

flow of the virtual breathwork circle:

- 1st 30 minutes: reflection and guided discussion of monthly theme

- breathe for 45 minutes: 35 minutes of active breathing, 10 minutes of rest

- last 15 minutes: questions + remarks / close of circle

Sessions are guided by Jasmine Marie, a trained breathworker and mindfulness practitioner.

A Zoom link will be e-mailed prior to session start. *please sign up using an e-mail address you’d wish to receive the link.


about breathwork:

breathwork is a powerful active meditation technique used to usher stagnant energy out of the body, help acknowledge and release difficult emotions and traumas, and decrease anxiety and stress by reframing the nervous system’s response; thereby creating space for more creativity, self-trust, self-love, and living life from a place of love and not fear or old traumas.

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