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breathe with me

“If we are not breathing at full capacity, we are not operating at full capacity.”

Breathwork is a powerful tool used to facilitate the removal of any energy or gunk that may be stuck in our physical, spiritual or emotional bodies. Scientifically, the more oxygen that we allow into our system, the more the mind relaxes and becomes at ease; thereby relieving stress and anxiety and making more space for creativity, a feeling of groundedness, and room for your true self to flourish.

This tool is perfect if:

- you are seeking practical ways to incorporate more calm into your day

- you wish to move past limiting beliefs and fears and operate from a place of self-trust and abundance

- you want a practical tool to help facilitate the release of trauma from your body

- you want to become more self-aware of your own energy and strengthen your energetic boundaries

In the beginning of each session, we will do a short of intake of what your intentions and current energy are and then I will guide you through the breathwork sequence while holding space as you strengthen your connection to your inner-light and ability to self-heal through the breath.

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